Sunday, September 23, 2007

People Watching

One day during one of my random conversations with Jeff-we decided to start a blog of this kind. It kinda represents our usual conversation. (we do discuss serious things too.) Just add some movie and TV quotes and its set to go. Maybe its only interesting to us but you may like it too. Actually one day we were people watching at Summit Mall. My mom has always told me I was a people watcher. I still am. I have several friends that enjoy this as well. So this particular day we managed to see mullets, big hair church ladies and clearly identified the Hollister type couples. They typically would scuff their feet as they walked and had a drink or phone in their hand. They usually made multiple trips around the mall. (we were in the same place for about an hour.) The saddest award went to the guy who came with his wife and four daughter wearing-get this-a pink shirt. Hmmm.....

Oh...yeah....I really hate wooden spoons too. They really gives me the willies. Aimee-you know what I am talking about! If you like them-why? Seriously-tell me.