Saturday, December 29, 2007

Junk in the trunk

What do you do when someone is tailing you while driving? I've made up a little survey, and need feedback on what you do in those situations. Take a second and give us a commment, let us know what you do when someone's ridin' your tail.

1. Do you brake check?
2. Do you make evasive manuevers?
3. Shine your brights?
4. Turn on and off your lights?
5. Moon?
6. Flash 'em?
7. Talk to them like they can hear you?
8. Shoot invisible weapons at them?

Let us know what you do!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Really, a plate or basket isn't that heavy

Hi, I'm back to writing about the things that stick out to me in the behavior and and relationship between wooden spoons and other events. There we were, eating lunch the other day, and a table off to the side of us thought that they didn't need to help the fast food place out by taking their used plates and napkins to the trash can. Instead, the folks next to us left their stuff out on the table for someone else to pick up. Now, I normally wouldn't say anything about this, but it was pretty annoying to watch their son pick up his stuff and for his mom and dad to leave their stuff on the table.

A plate with some napkins, left on the table because the person was either too busy or too self-important to grab it and help out. Wow...merry christmas. What happened to peace on earth, or goodwill to all men. Did leaving your stuff save you any time? No...because you had to wait on your son to dump his stuff in the trash. Next time, take a couple of seconds and think about what your actions are going to do in impact to another person.