Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Took a little trip

To Chicago last week...man what a town. I'll be posting some pics soon enough, but I just wanted to get a few thoughts out there.

1. I think Chicago is going to beat Cleveland in the "Green City on a Blue Lake" proposal...there are close to 350 public and private buildings with rooftop gardens on them!!! That is so cool. And Lake Michigan is really clean out by Chicago...good stuff folks...

2. The music scene...it was great being in a town where the first band was wrapping up their final set @ 1 am...that's right, there was a second band starting at 1 and playing until 4am!! The club we went to was the Green Mill, which has enough history to warrant any number of spin offs. We saw a great band, and had a good time sitting in a bar that Al Capone used to frequent...

3. We ate enough food to qualify for a fortnight's stay at the Jenny Craig resort camp! Wow, it was like a paradise of food, from a little hot dog stand (over on Ohio St, east of Michigan Ave) to a world class restaurant (Frontera Kitchens owned by Rick Bayless of pbs and food network fame). It was an incredible time.

So we had a great time, and I'll write more later on, when I've got some pictures to hang up!

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