Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spring notes

Looking outside my window today...I see green buds on the tree. I also see the tree being blown about by the wind that announces the coming of a storm. There is a faint musty smell outside...not uncommon in this time of year. Stuff has been suppressed by the snow and frozen ground for a season, and now it is time to wake. I look to my right and my wife is lying expression on her face, which means she's not dreaming now...She smiles, frowns, moves her hands sometimes, that's when she's dreaming.

I'm glad to be back home, from a long week at work. This Saturday morning routine is what I have been needing for some time. I'll just cozy up to the idea, and enjoy some peace and quiet. Good morning to all.
Thank you.


Doc said...

I love those lazy mornings when I roll over and see Flannery fast asleep next to me and the sound of a gentle spring rain is splashing against the window. Then I roll over and go back to sleep knowing I've got one more hour before the kids get up and start raising hell.


carrillon said...

I see that you say wooden spoons are bad. My mother used to use one on the bottoms of her children when we misbehaved. It was definitely bad then, but as a cooking utensil it is essential. For example, say you have a hot metal pot. You wouldn't choose plastic (melts) or metal (makes an ooky scrapy sound that will set your teeth on edge, maybe scrape metal bits into the food which may cause alzheimers?) Wood is best. Also, with a wooden salad bowl there's nothing better than matching wooden salad tongs.