Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Do good things really come in threes?

I'm sorry. I don't have any personal responsibility for these things, except that I have watched my fair share of them over the years. So, on the heels of that information, I wish to extend an apology for the scores of awful and unneeded trilogies that have pervaded the market recently.

This statement leads to my question at the beginning? Do good things really come in threes? I can think of one obvious mistake that happened in threes...Three's Company!

What I mean is simply this: A hit movie doesn't require a sequel, or even a third installment just because the same characters are in it. Another example of this type of excess: The Land Before Time.

Honestly, shouldn't these characters be extinct now, or at least shouldn't we see civilization by now...I think that we're up to Land Before Time 24. Hey, cool tie in: Jack Bauer doesn't want the dinosaurs to become extinct, because that would be a national security risk...Sorry, rat hole there, and I couldn't avoid stepping in it.

But Really!!! I am getting a little tired of sequels by now...Like the Matrix. I thought that the first one was great, and the next two were exciting in their visual elements, but I could have done without them. I don't know, maybe I'm just comparing everything to one of the all time great trilogies ever. Lord of The Rings...well now I've done it. I've revealed my inner geek, and he's standing there with his pimples, a miniature sword, and a dragon on his desk.

That's all for now...Thank you.

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