Sunday, February 17, 2008

Travel this week...

All right. I'm going to Charlottesville Va this week, home of Thomas Jefferson and the University of Virginia. As I prepare for another trip, I thought I'd highlight some of the adventures I've had while travelling for work. For your reading pleasure, I submit these:

1. Newark, Delaware: I am hit with lactose intolerance's evil side, with an extra helping of vengeance and loneliness. I was travelling with a friend of mine, and we said, "Hey, let's split an order of these delicious BBQ Chicken Nachos!". The restaurant was Bugaboo Creek, and the nachos were good, but I paid for more ways than one. There is nothing so lonely as being sick in a hotel room by yourself...

2. Camden, NJ: Which way is east? No, seriously, we couldn't find the right eastbound road to get on, and circled Philadelphia until we found it.

3. Portland, ME: Our flight was delayed leaving Cleveland to Boston, so they pulled us from it and sent us to Newark, where we had another 2 hr delay before eventually getting to Portland. At midnight, and we were training the next morning at 8...and didn't know where we were supposed to go for the training...Oh is good.

4. Kirksville, MO: I am never going back...hopefully. Try to imagine what groundhogs day felt like for Bill Murray, multiply it by 3, then add a lovely dash of midwestern humor (It appears you have a flat tire son), and you might start to understand what it felt like.

5. Kirksville, MO: Ok...they sent me back, and this time was worse than the previous trip. I was stranded there on the day we were supposed to come home because the plane in from St. Louis had to turn around. The reason: the pilots couldn't see the runway. So I got to ride in the back country of Missouri across the Mississippi river into Quincy IL to catch a plane back down the Mississippi to St. Louis, run through the airport a la Home Alone, and finally get back to Cleveland. Click here for the trip...

That'll get you started...more this week from the road files!

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