Thursday, February 14, 2008

Teachers are great yet prone to nerdness

Lately I have been sick because I work with kids. What?! Shocking! Anyway, the Kindergarten conference was in Columbus this past weekend and yes-I went. Not only was I not feeling well but I felt out of my element. I do not have a desire to wear cross stitch or holiday themed shirts nor do I hoot and holler when I win a puppet either. Oh my! I am just a different breed of teacher perhaps. I travel across grades. The other teacher and I took bets on all kinds of things including how many times we saw a school wearing matching shirts. I love my job but I wish we were appreciated more. Perhaps financially?! It's almost like we have to do all these weird things to keep us going. Happy Valentine's day to all educators!

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Kyle said...

Right on. I feel the same way a lot. It was crazy to hear what our board thought of teachers when I was on our negotiations comity.