Friday, February 1, 2008

Whoa...way too much caffeine

As I was drinking down my third cup of coffee in two hours, many thoughts came into my head; no seriously, there were literally a thousand thoughts running through my head. Here are some, in no particular order (as they weren't in any order at all in my head):

"do I smell like coffee?"

"what time is it in Abu Dhabi?"

"which club should I use with 176 yards to the pin and a north/northwest crosswind playing out of the rough?"

"I think that Paul Simon is slightly crazy...did you hear Kodachrome?"

"dodgeball should be a professional sport"

"I like what my coworker is doing with that flame graphic"

"when is it time to switch the shower curtain?"

"I hope my new glasses come in sometime soon!"

"We're getting internet at the house...holy blogging batman"

"I should be thinking about this game for the conference"

Anyway, I hope that you aren't too scared by that look into my head this's sort of like one of my favorite movies, Being John Malkovich

That is all for now...have a great Friday!

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